Bilancio Facile

Bilancio Facile is the software that allows you to manage the family budget with ease.
Through this application you can record the movements and manage the family budget.
With the multiuser capability can allow each family member to include self-provisioning costs.

Bilancio facile includes:

  • Management of cost categories
  • Recording transactions
  • Management of family members
  • Multi-user functionalities
  • Prints
  • Export data

Bilancio facile provides for initially creating a database file in which to insert the data: The database will include hundreds of cost categories, ordered
in a hierarchical manner, such as car insurance, salary, spending etc.
The recording transactions involves the insertion of an entry or an output specifying the categories of interest. You can also associate with each movement a family member.
The management members will be able to enter their family with basic information and a picture attached.
Multiuser is a very useful feature if you want to allow every family member to enter and edit their own transactions independently and not be able to view and modify those of others.
There’s a feature to print and export data in CSV format for use by Excel.
The software is freeware and has no limitation.

If someone wants to contribute can send their feedback to improve it. At the moment there is no documentation, but the program is so simple to use that you will soon learn.




Warning ! The Linux version doesn’t work with Unity interface

Download bilancio facile for windows

Download Linux version (deb format i386)

Download Linux version (deb format amd64)

Download Mac version

To report an error, feedback and anything else that helps us improve the software, including version 1.1 which is still developing click here